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Carol Edmonston is an author, speaker, artist, and pioneer in teaching how the creativity of doodling improves the quality of life through weaving a connection between mind, body, and spirit. 


She became an author and speaker by accident. All it took was one suspicious mammogram and her world changed forever. Carol has conquered breast cancer, not once, but twice.


Her message of courage and creativity is seasoned with humor and real-world experience which she shares with audiences of all ages from schools to health care settings. 

Speaker, Author, Artist

Carol, The 

Doodle Lady

Are you ready to become the artist of your own life and create your own masterpiece? When you discover how to embrace the journey and let go of any attachment to outcome, you are better able to handle most challenges that come your way. And… the way to get there is through doodling, so please join me on this fun and creative adventure.

...shows you how to doodle your stress away!




Carol has published a wide array of art, DVDs, workbooks, and short stories dedicated to sharing her spiritual journey and helping you with yours.


An accomplished public speaker, Carol has shared her experiences doodling to find peace during her cancer treatments with others from around the world. Take a look at her video library to inspire your own journey.

Jack Canfield Interview

Jack Canfield Interview

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"Carol Edmonston shows you why the only thing you need to experience greater peace and joy is a pen and paper. Let her introduce you to the fun but sacred art of doodling! My wife and I love her method."


- Jack Canfield, Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul© series

In the Spotlight

As an inspirational speaker, published author, transformational artist, and human potential advocate, Carol enjoys sharing her valuable insights on the health and financial benefits of living a joy-filled and stress-free life.

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