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Are you Ready to Doodle Your Stress Away?

The good news is you don't have to be a trained artist. The only qualification you need is feeling overwhelmed with life's challenges.

In this pioneering book, Carol Edmonston gives you a new form of mindfulness which allows your spirit to rest, recover and regroup. Her goal is to help you discover the sacred healing art of doodling to help you enjoy life no matter what comes your way.

Available on Amazon and at your local Barnes & Noble bookstore.

Past Publications

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The Sacred Doodles© DVD (2012) is an visual and auditory meditation designed to help restore an inner state of deep relaxation. Accompanied by the exquisite sound of Celtic harp & bamboo flute, the doodles gently morph from beginning, middle to end. This DVD has both a 5 and 12 minute version which can be played in a continuous loop. Simple 'how to doodle' instructions included.*

Remember...a doodle a day can help keep the stress away.

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*Free Doodle Mini-booklet with purchase!


Carol has been featured in numerous publications including the following:

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