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In the Spotlight

With over 20 years of inspirational public speaking experience, Carol steps into the spotlight as a transformational artist and human potential advocate.


In her events, Carol shares valuable insights into the health and financial benefits of living a joy-filled and stress-free life in today's hectic times. 

The Doodle Lady formats her educational programs to meet your needs whether you need keynotes, publications, breakout sessions, half-day seminars, fundraisers, or one-on-one sessions. Webinars and other online programs are in development.

Available Workshops


Virtual presentations

available upon request


The Science & Art of Doodling...

Creative Ways to Empower and Heal Yourself. 

Audience: Applicable to anyone who is committed to living a more joy-filled, healthy, and prosperous life. An inspiring, fun, and insightful exploration into participants' relationship with challenging times. No artistic skill necessary.

Health & Wellness

Adventures in Doodling...

How to Still your Mind and Unleash your Heart Power


Audience: Applicable to everyone who is looking for a fun and creative way to deal with the challenges of everyday life. No artistic skill necessary.


The Magic of Doodling...

A Creative Way to Deal with Stress, Fear, and Life's Challenges.

Audience: Designed especially for caregivers, the medically challenged, and anyone who wants to transform their fear into faith through the healing power of creative expression. No artistic skill necessary.


Doodling as a Spiritual Practice...

How to Deepen Your Connection between Mind, Body, and Spirit

Audience: Applicable for anyone who is committed to living a joy-filled, spiritually rich life. No artistic skills necessary.

Kids 7+ Years Old

Doodle Art for Kids with Racing Minds...

Creative Ways to Help Kids Focus, Reduce Hyperactivity, and Discover the Artist Within.

Audience: Kids ages 7+, a 50-60 minute program. Also, available as a 90-150 minute training workshop for teachers. Alternative titles include Once Upon a Doodle or A Doodle a Day.


Customized Workshop

A customized speaking series, keynote, breakout session, seminar, or one-on-one workshop based on you or your organization's unique needs.

Audience: TBD


"The Christie Hospital is the largest single Cancer Centre in Europe. In October 2003, we developed a multi-arts project across the hospital and in wards with patients who were unwell and recovering from surgery. Following on and inspired by a visit from Carol Edmonston, artist Adela Jones took the simple 3 stage instruction sheet from Carol's 'Create While You Wait'...patients found this relaxing and soothing..."  

— Nicky Duirs, Arts Coordinator, Christie Hospital NHS, Manchester, UK

"Carol, aka The Doodle Lady, has visited my third grade classroom on numerous occasions to share her innovative art program. Her lessons celebrate each child's unique creativity. She gives the kids a few guidelines, shows some examples, and off they go. She encourages the kids to go beyond this one lesson and use doodling as an everyday, stress-free tool. She delivers her powerful message of personal well-being and embracing life in a gentle, fun way. I highly recommend her as a perfect inspirational speaker..."  

—  Barbara Mohr, Retired Teacher

"Carol's presentation was wonderful! 'Doodle Art' is perfect for school-age children because every single child can be successful. Artistic failure is non-existent. The 2nd graders were so intent on the process, they didn't even realize they were developing artistic skills. Every 'doodle' was unique and special. Doodle art should be part of the art curriculum for all grade levels. Everyone can create a masterpiece."

Kids doodlesBOOK4 -1 (45).jpeg

—  Gale Kurosaki, Retired Teacher

Past Events

"Carol’s work is what I call creative healing art! A wonderful way to relax the heart, mind, and body. A beautiful practice for inner peace. Sacred Doodles inspires joy and soul searching."

—  Valeria Teles - FitForJoy
Healing Coach, Author and Podcaster: A Quest for Well-Being

"Your insights and creative journey are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your story with my class."

— Dru Cottrell, Professor, Art and Child Development, California State University Fullerton (CSUF)

 "Carol Edmonston shows you why the only thing you need to experience greater peace and joy is a pen and paper. Let her introduce you to the fun but sacred art of doodling! My wife and I love her method."

- Jack Canfield, Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul© series

Image by Kelly Sikkema

"As a stressed out mom of two and full-time 3rd grade teacher, Carol’s program has been an island of calm in my otherwise hectic life. Doodling has allowed me and my students to destress, regroup, and refocus. Thank you Carol! You have changed our lives for the better." 

—  Linda Cornejo, School Teacher

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