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The Healing Power of Doodling

#1 New Release and Amazon Bestseller


"Respiratory Therapists have been challenged with having to deal with extreme stress during the COVID-19 pandemic.  When an employee came to me and said someone sent a great book the staff may find it beneficial to handle stress, I jumped at the opportunity.  The Healing Power of Doodling was a wonderful way to pause and de-stress. It had a calming and meditative effect on me. I would recommend this book to anyone."  

—  Timothy Howald, RRT, BSHA, Director of Cardiopulmonary at the Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital

"I am a Respiratory Therapist and when Covid-19 came into our world, we were scared. Taking care of patients who weren’t allow to have family with them, just added to the stress. We became part of their world. My husband has COPD, which meant if I got the virus and brought it home, chances of him surviving were not good. Carol sent donated copies of her book The Healing Power of Doodling to our Respiratory Therapy department along with her Sacred Doodles DVD. She understood the hardships we were facing. Watching the DVD and taking some timeout to create doodles really helped deal with the stress."  

—  Rebecca, Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital

"I have severe anxiety and working as a respiratory therapist during COVID-19 has definitely made things worse for me. When I was given a copy of The Healing Power of Doodling and DVD I jumped at the chance for something to calm my nerves. This has helped me so much!"  

—  Hallie, Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital

"My grandma recently passed away and I was looking for something to keep my mind busy. The Healing Power of Doodling and DVD helped tremendously to take my mind off the stressors of losing a grandparent during such uncertain times."  

—  Connie, Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital

"The Healing Power of Doodling is a wonderfully fun book. When I was developing my effortless mindfulness practices while working as a psychotherapist in Brooklyn I would doodle in between clients. It gave me a way of expressing something that is beyond words, yet is embodied and wanting to be shared. I know you will enjoy Carol's gift to us all..."  

—  Loch Kelly, author of The Way of Effortless Mindfulness

"This highly original contribution can help you touch your inner resources leading to health and well being. I cannot imagine anyone who would not benefit."  

—  Larry Dossey, M.D., Former Executive Editor of the peer-reviewed journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. New York Times bestselling author and advocate of the role of the mind in health and the role of spirituality in healthcare

"In our modern world, kids experience more anxiety and stress than ever before. With an assault on their attention span, Carol's doodling book provides a tremendous benefit to their well being guiding them to peace, mindfulness and an exploration of their imagination."  

—  Eva Jensen, M Ed, Studio Teacher, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)

"The Healing Power of Doodling gives you a simple way to relax and become centered in just a few minutes...and all you need is a pen!"  

—  Steve Harrison, Co-founder of the National Publicity Summit

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